Meet The Team

Howdy guys my name is Jessica Self the owner of GB. I am so glad you are here. GB’s take on fashion is different and unique. A little western, with some edge, and a lot of sparkle! I’ve always used fashion to express my personality, mood, and creativity. I wanted to create a boutique that no matter your style, we will have something that makes you feel good. Having worked in the music industry in New Orleans and NYC I got a front row seat to all different fashion trends and styles. Being in this industry and now owning my own business, I can say this truly is my happy place! Thank you all for your love and support. It means the world to me. I hope you love GB as much as I do. 

Hi!!! Allison Claire here. I am so happy you found GB. Fashion, marketing, and photography are huge passions of mine and I truly get to showcase it all HERE! I love showcasing personality through fashion and I personally LOVE to add a western flair. You can find me adding cowboy boots and turquoise to ANY look. I am a firm believer in wearing whatever you want! I have been with GB since August ‘22 and it is ever evolving. There is truly something here for everyone!