About Us

Josh and Jessica are both born and raised in Oklahoma.

Josh is a third-generation tractor dealer. His grandpa started as an Oliver Tractor dealer and his family has continued the tradition and now runs their own equipment dealership Self Equipment in Paul's Valley, OK.

Jessica’s family is from Western Oklahoma - some of my favorite memories are helping my Grandpa at the farm. I would always wear my Grandpa’s boots paired with my Granny’s pearls around the house. That right there should tell you that I was destined to be in fashion. After school I left home and lived in New Orleans and NYC where I worked in the music industry as a publicist. Shortly after moving back home I met Josh. My first words to my Mom was ‘Grandpa would have like him.” A few years later we were married. You always go back to your roots.

Josh and Jessica currently reside in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma where they are building their dream Bardominium and Gypsy Blossom showroom. 

We are Better Together in every way.

Josh is a numbers guy and the best organizer ever. He is extremely driven and one of the smartest business men I know, I have always admired that about my husband. I tend to lean more towards ‘organized chaos” and 100% the creative one. I love meeting new people, networking, and collaborating.  With any small business there has to be balance and we balance each other out with our area of expertise. The ultimate life and business partnership. 

We have never met a stranger in this community. Everyone is friendly, ready to help out, and not scared of hard work. Those attributes are very rare and hard to find in this day and age.

When we aren’t working you will find us at any country concert, Rodeo, or farm auction.

Gypsy Blossoms brings a different take to Western Wear. We love edgy pieces that you wouldn’t normally pair together combined with more traditional pieces. A cross between Grit and Glam. We are currently working hard on our custom line. Josh’s Mom is extremely creative and one hell of a seamstress. This is where we will shine. No two pieces will be the same and we are looking forward to working with customers to create a special design that will be one of a kind.